* dedicated to Ima.

Dig. Dig as deep as you can. If you do so, you will find unexpected things. You will find things you thought were lost. You will find feelings, wills, dreams, desires. You’ll find love.

You’ll find things you never new were there… that you were too scared to notice, or just didn’t want to admit were in you. Have the courage to admit they’re there so you can use them. In fact, you should use all those things. They can help you create. They can help you survive hard times, and good times. They can help you feel… love… be. They can help you live.

It won’t be easy. It will hurt, sometimes even burn. But it will also be funny and joyful. It will make you laugh, but it will also make you cry. It will make you suffer.

So let yourself go and start digging. The treasures you will find are worthy of the effort, the sweat, the tears, the heartaches and the pain. Those treasures will help you remember who you are.